Makeup For Black Women

If you have consciously watched advertisements of brand cosmetic companies, you would have noticed that they would be modeled by fair blonde or brunette beauty with blue eyes. Therefore if you are a colored women, you find it extreme difficult to understand the type of make up to be used for dark skin and how to correctly use it. But in the recent years there has been a growth of colored supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Iman, who have revolutionized the fashion industry with their dark sultry looks. Now many supermarket and branded stores have a special counter for makeup for black women.

What are the basic cosmetic products that these colored women can use and accentuate their natural beauty?

If you are dark skinned you have to use the correct cosmetic for your face and accentuate its main features and hide the bad features. Makeup For Black Women like any other fair skinned women would require experience and understanding of the products that you are using. These cosmetic products are:

Makeup For Black WomenUnderstand your skin tone when investing in a foundation

The foundation is an important product in any makeup for black women. Dark skinned women have various shades of undertone in their skin. These can be described to be warm, cool or neutral. These skin tone shades highlight various aspects of a face like a high cheek bone or beautiful eyes. When you choose a foundation, do not make the mistake of buying a foundation which is for lighter skin. This would look garish on you. Wisely invest in a foundation that would blend with your skin. For corrective makeup like a flat nose, you can choose twin shades of foundation, one light and the other a shade darker and apply it correctly. There are also various types of foundations like cream based, water based and gel based. Depending on your skin types choose the foundation.

Invest in a good quality concealer

The pollution around us, make us prone to acne, rashes and dark circles. Concealers are available in the market   to give your face a flawless finish and this has to be gently blended into the face. After using the concealer, brush your face with a translucent powder evenly. This would make your face beautiful.

Choose your make up for your eyes well

One of the most important components of a Makeup For Black Women is its eye makeup. The eyes of most dark skinned women are large and beautiful. Various styles of makeup can be used to give it a dramatic look. Here are some simple tips to follow-

•    For daily office, use waterproof kohl and outline the inner and outer rinds of your eyes. Use mascara which adds length and volume to your long eyelashes.

•    Unless you have an important official occasion, do not wear eye shadows. If you have to invest in ones that are very neutral in nature.

•    For the night, use eye shadows which are dark like blue, green and chocolate.

•    Do not heavily use your eye shadow but use it to accentuate the shape of your eyes. Do not match the color of your outfit with your eye shadow.  This looks ghastly at times.

•    Use the current trend of eyeliner to define your beautiful eyes.

Makeup for the lips

Here are some great ideas to make your lips beautiful. These are:

•    For daily office wear, use lip gloss with a slight tinge.

•    Use a lip liner that is same as the color of the lipstick or your neutral lip color. This would be difficult to find, but you would in the long run find it.

•    Lip liners can make a large lip look smaller and a small lip more full. Make up is an art and you have to refine it over a period of time.

•    Use bold colored lipsticks and use a brush to define and fill it in.


When it comes to the user of a blusher, it is the last thing to be done. Invest in a good quality blusher and use it sparing around the chin and the cheek bones. The application of the blusher on your face depends on the type of face you have.

Do not feel sad and de motivated, if you have a dark skin. Use the above guidelines to buy your cosmetics and look like a queen in your next party.


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